Our most interesting case study to date. Most agencies will show your results from clients that have been around for years and have already built up authority in their local markets. For this Case Study, we literally started a brand new business online, then using our local search engine  optimization process, ranked near the top of Google! The point of this case study is this, whether you are a landscaping business, plumber, accountant, or car detailer, our stuff works. PS, I knew nothing about landscaping or gardening, yet were are still able to achieve phenomenal results. Local SEO for landscaping companies works, and it can work for your lawn care company as well.


We purchased this domain name back in December of 2019. We then Built the Landscaping website out over January and into February. This is as new as you get. The Domain had zero authority, zero relevance. We wanted to try our a partial match domain (Halifax+Landscaping+Pros). Landscaping being our main Keyword, and Halifax being our city.


Landscaping Company SEO Results

Landscaping SEO Clicks & Impression Results

Impressions & Clicks

As soon as we started seeing movement on our site and content, we noticed big jumps in our impressions and clicks. Our CTR started out slow, but now we are moving up between 3-5%. Not an easy thing to do with a business that has no real images or any kind of back story.

Spike In Rankings

It isn’t always just about the main Keyword, it is about all the secondary terms and elements represented by the business. you can see in April it was really far back with everything. In May, is when it started to really shift site wide.
Landscaping Company Case Study Results local seo

KW’s Hitting Top3

Our two main keywords in this project was “Halifax Landscaping” and “Halifax Landscaping Company”. As we can see, we made a massive jump from the end of April right into May. These jumps alone have helped dramatically increase the traffic, calls, and form submissions in such a quick period of time.
Landscaping SEO Results over 1 month

179 Leads in 30 Days!

Boom, 179 leads in 30 days! (126 Phone Calls / 53 Form Submissions). These leads resulted in $75,000 in extra revenue for the landscaping contractor, with the possibility of $15,000 more in extended services. That’s from one month guys. That is the absolute power of our SEO strategy and dominating markets for local businesses.
Halifax Landscaping SEO Map Results

Dominating Maps

Halifax is a city with over 350,000 people. Dominating the maps like this for major keywords means your business is getting calls, website visitors, and sales! This is huge for any local business. This can mean 20-30% more revenue coming from online. What business wouldn’t want that?